Grooming Services

Professional grooming services are available Tuesday – Friday

Appointments for grooming may be made by calling 706-613-1880.

The grooming entrance is located on the first floor in the rear of the building.

All Canines are required to be up to date on their BordetellaDa2plpv (distemper), and Rabies Vaccine to enter the grooming facility. 

All Felines must be up to date on their FDRCP (distemper) Vaccine and Rabies to enter the grooming facility. 

A few things the Groomer would like you to know…

Each dog is walked at least once during their stay; normally every 3 hours they are exercised outside. 

All grooming patients have access to water at all times and can be given a snack when requested.

Drop off times are between 7:30-10:00am.  An owner is welcome to drop off as late as 10:30am if they know they will be picking up the pet later in the afternoon. Pets visiting for baths only by the groomer may be admitted as late as Noon. 

Pets are normally groomed in order of arrival. As a courtesy, you may request a certain pick-up time & we will try to accommodate everyone as much as possible. Upon admittance, please inform the receptionist if you would prefer to pick up by a certain time so that we can try to schedule accordingly.

If you prefer a guarantee that your pet’s grooming will be completed within 2 hours of admittance, you may request an “Express Groom” for a $10-15 additional fee (dependent on size.)

We always try to finish cats, puppies and geriatric dogs before other pets due to their special needs. Cats are kept away from dogs to allow for a more comfortable, peaceful experience.

Pricing Chart:

Tooth Brushing $5.00

Blueberry Facial $ 5.00

Medicated Baths ($5.00 extra)
– Baking Soda & Oatmeal
– Flea & Tick
– Deodorizing

Nail Polishing ($10.00)

Nail Dremmeling ($15.00 without groom, and $10.00 with groom)

De-shedding Process- Between $15.00 and $30.00 depending on size and coat thickness of Pet. Small dog de-shedding < 30lbs is $10.00.

The de-shedding process is for people who are against shaving their dogs and it drastically reduces shedding if done on a regular basis (4-6 weeks basis).

Complimentary Bows and Bandanas are available along with cologne if requested!


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  • "I love this place! You really do walk in as a client and leave as a friend! They have empathy when appropriate and always answer my questions! Good hands? I'd say EXCELLENT hands!! No better place to go for the lifetime of your fur babies!!"
    Karah H. Athens, GA