February is National Dental Month! We will be offering 20% Dental Cleanings and Anesthesia throughout the month of February. We will also be offering dental consult exams for $20 to assess the state of your pets teeth. If you schedule a Dental Cleaning within 30 days of the exam it will go towards the actual dental cleaning. 

Trifexis Update:

Recently there was a story released on WSB-TV concerning Trifexis and a possible link to pet illness. Elanco the manufacturer of Trifexis has stuck behind its product and released a statement. You can find this statement through the link below.

We at Good Hands have not had serious issues with any of our patients using Trifexis. In fact many of our employees give Trifexis to their personal dogs. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call and speak with a technician. 

K-laser summer special

 It's summertime and we are starting to see hotspots at GHVH. A hot spot is a raw, moist sore on a dog's skin, usually surrounded by matted fur. The sore occurs when a dog persistently licks, bites, scratches or chews an area on his body, causing significant damage to the skin and ultimately, an oozing sore. During the summer we will be offering treatments at a discounted rate.

Call today for more information


***Update - Purevax Rabies are now in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We at Good Hands just wanted to let everyone know that the Purevax rabies vaccine, that we recommend for cats, is on back order until June. Please call us today if your Kitty is going to need a rabies vaccine within the next couple of months. We still have IMRAB Rabies vaccines that are still commonly used for cats in other places of practice. Call today and we would be happy to discuss the difference's between the Purevax and IMRAB vaccine.


At Good Hands we are proud to announce that we will be having special discounted rates on laser therapy. The whole month of May we are offering $20.00 initial laser treatments for our geriatric patients, normally these treatments cost $35.00. Any additional site treatments will be $15.00 per site, normally $20.00. With the warmer weather many pets are becoming more active, if they need some pain relief or are having some issues with arthritis please call today to set up a laser therapy appointment.

We are also offering hot spot therapeutic laser treatments at a discounted price for the summer. The price will be $20.00 per hot spot treatment. These treatments normally cost $35.00 per site. If your pet develops a hot spot this summer let us treat them with the laser, it will bring relief quickly and has basically no side effects. 



Call us today to set up your pet's professional dental cleaning. Dental care is a crucial component to your pet's health and we here at GHVH are well equipped to take care of their needs. We also offer tooth brushing and many different dental treats for your pet!


Holiday Plants

Please follow the link below to read up on some the plants that need to be monitored during the holiday season. We would hate for any loved ones to ingest something harmful. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Good Hands Veterinary Hospital.


Trifexis update.

Recently many clients have been asking us about the stories in the news about Trifexis. We at Good Hands have been using Trifexis and Comfortis now for over 2 years and have never had any issues. Many of our employees use these medications on their own pets. If you ever have any questions or concerns using these medications please contact us directly and we would be happy to go over them. 


your GHVH Family.


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