Boarding and Daycare Services

************* Noon Check Out Policy*********************

If pet pick up is made before noon on any given day, there will be no further charge. There will be an additional night charge if pick up is made after 12:00. This policy is very similar to those of a hotels. It does not matter what time you drop off but it does what matter what time you pick up.

If you pick up on Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. you will be charged up until Monday at 12 noon. All animals have been walked 3 times daily by this point in the day. This window is a convenience for our clients. We do not have normal business hours on Sunday.

Good Hands Veterinary Hospital offers a completely separate boarding facility.

All of our guests must be up-to-date on their required vaccinations. BordetellaDA2PLPV ( distemper), and Rabies for Canines, and FDRCP (distemper) and Rabies for Felines. This includes patients who are admitted for medical treatment and services. 


All holiday boarding reservations require a $25 non-refundable deposit.

As a convenience we offer boarding pick-up on Sunday evenings from 6:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m. (Clients will have paid up until noon on Monday. This is for clients returning early and would like to pick up their pets)

We have many different sizes of cages and crates (small, medium and large).

All of our canine guests are exercised three-times daily and provided a fleece for bedding.

Unlike most kennels, we do NOT charge clients for walking, feeding, and medicating their pets.

We provide Advanced Fitness Healthy Advantage food to our guests, but we encourage clients to bring their own food if your furry friend has any dietary restrictions.

Each spacious run has its own window.

We also offer deluxe boarding for your canine companions. We have one enormous 7′x 9′suite, and 3 spacious 6′x 6′rooms that have sliding glass doors that open up into our bright and sunny daycare area. Boarding in these suites includes all the benefits of our standard boarding facilities with the addition of daily one-on-one daycare time with our kennel assistants.

Our feline guests have a room with a view and are constantly pampered during their stay. We offer deluxe kitty townhouses that feature five spacious levels to explore with a lower “litter box level” designed with privacy in mind.

                             Cage                                                                               Crate


                           Run                                                                          Deluxe "6x6" Suite


              7x9 Deluxe "Bulldog" Suite                                                  Kitty Townhouse



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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I love this place! You really do walk in as a client and leave as a friend! They have empathy when appropriate and always answer my questions! Good hands? I'd say EXCELLENT hands!! No better place to go for the lifetime of your fur babies!!"
    Karah H. Athens, GA